Street Food
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  • My name is Toàn,   I want you to come to Vietnam enjoy Vietnam as the locals do with all the cultural delights.

  • My adventures will take you into the heart of our community and you will experience the Vietnamese way of life in a way that will give you a real sense of how we live and what our values are.

  •  Travel with me in a relaxed style and with an open mind seeking knowledge.

Vietnamese foods are really healthy and delicious.

I will explain about Vietnamese history, culture and food the reasons we won in many wars.

Giving you some tips to travel and escape traps in Vietnam that you may face them.

I will personalize this tour 100% to your wishes

                                           1. Bún Chả ( Noodle soup with pork, meatballs and bacon) 2. Phở (Noodle soup with beef or chicken) 

                       3. Bánh Cuốn ( Steamed rolled rice pancakes)   4. Nem Rán (Fried spring rolls)    5. Bánh gối ( Pillow cakes)               

6.Phở cuốn (Fresh spring rolls)  7.Bánh Mì (Vietnamese sandwich)  8.Chả cá  (Turmeric dill Fish). 9 Bún Cua or Bún Riêu ( Crab rice noodles) 10. Bún Ốc ( Snail rice noodles ). 11:  Bún Thang

 12.Chè (Sweet dessert) 13.Hoa quả dầm (Mix fruits with milk)

                               14. Cà phê trứng ( egg coffee).     15. Bia Hơi ( draft beer).

Farewell at your hotel.

Recommendation of time:

Morning: 7am                                    Lunch time: 11am                                                         Afternoon: 5pm

4 hours period of time

The prices:

1 Person: 30USD

2 people: 18USD/person

3 People: 15USD/person

4 people: 13USD/person

Included: Private tour guide.  Some green tea, and a little bit rice wine etc,

Exculed:  Entrance tickets, meals, transport costs