My Hometown
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  • My name is Toàn,   I want you to come to Vietnam enjoy Vietnam as the locals do with all the cultural delights.

  • My adventures will take you into the heart of our community and you will experience the Vietnamese way of life in a way that will give you a real sense of how we live and what our values are.

  •  Travel with me in a relaxed style and with an open mind seeking knowledge.



  • This tour is for those who wish to avoid the heavily touristed sites and want to be treated as  the local guests

Get in touch and your tours can be 100% personalized.

Good time to start this tour  at 8am and finish at 3:00pm but flexible

8:00am Picking you up at your hotel.

Stop 1: Bat Trang ceramic village.

Stop 2: A huge Bonsai and flower plantation area.

Stop 3: Visit RICE WINE HOMEMADE MAKING. Play shuttlecock kicking, a local sport, at my parent's front yard and tase a special drink from the tree in my paren't house or green tea.

Stop 4: Delicious home cooked lunch made by my mom. Learn some new Vietnamese cuisine!

Stop 5: Visit an old communal house that's about 300 year old and learn about our culture.

Stop 6: See an 200 year old pagoda and some huge wells in the village.

Stop 7: Enjoy the fresh air in the rice field and discover a temple in the middle of the field.

Stop 8: Go to a corn field, the Red River and an old flea market.

Get ready to go back Hanoi.

Farewell at your hotel

The prices. asks to know

Included: Private tour guide.  Some green tea, or a little bit rice wine etc,

Suport vehicles: Car, Van, motorbike.